What's in it for me?

· A chance to recognize what unhealthy habits you may have developed over the years and how to replace them with healthier ones thus creating a more fulfilling daily life experience. 

· Understanding why you may feel guilt, self-doubt, internal conflicts – what may have caused these to have developed in us and how to unlearn these self-defeating thoughts and emotions. 

· Developing advanced problem solving, conflict resolution and acceptance skills. 

How does therapy help?

At times we keep many things inside and don’t want to burden others in our life with our problems, fears or challenges. In a therapist you will find someone who is objective and is able to provide you with a new perspective on how you have been seeing things. Changing our perspective isn’t as easy as it sounds however, once we start to see things from a different lens, our lives can take on a whole new meaning. Other benefits can include an increase or improvement in the following areas: 

· Self-awareness

· Personal relationships

· Communication skills 

· Career satisfaction

· Personal well being

· Self-love and boundary setting